Teaser_sheet'lift ADD holz
Use sheet’lift3D for existing stripping tools. sheet’liftADD makes it possible. Just drill a hole in plywood, insert the new original designated shape of sheet’liftADD and put sheet’lift3D into it – ready for using the advantages of sheet’lift3D !  
Teaser HYBRIDsetter
You can reach: standardized production of high end stripping forms with claws and pins unmatched machine performance during dynamic stripping in all die cutter
boxramp now available
Doping for your die cutting tool… 3 different types of box’ramp receivable! no more chamfering at the edge of waste hole is neccessary and additionally the waste is balanced optimally through the waste hole  during stripping action.  
sheet'presser Niederhalter Downholder
Special made for uneven sheets the sheet’presser holds a blank related sized matrix to press down the sheet much better than pieces of foam can do. With using sheet’presser you raise your sheet’output in the stripping unit!
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Seal of Approval "INNOVATIVE THROUGH RESEARCH 2016/2017"