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EASYsetter for full automatic pin setting

automatic, efficient production of powerfull stripping forms for all materials and die cutter.

The EASYsetter NT is the space-saving, complete solution for all stripping demands. It enables a fully automatic,fast and uncomplicate production of the upper stripping form for dynamic stripping. No pre-drilling and no pre-lasing is necessary. The men power and the expensive laser ramains usable for other applications. These reduce the manufacturing times and clearly lowes the manufactouring costs.

The cutting die data are handed over from existing CAD in DIGIstrip* (special software for data export for BOXPLAN pin setting machines) and reffered directly to the EASYsetter after the treatment. The pin is selected fully auftomatically from one of the 8 available magazine and become placed and anchored directly into the board in a single operation at the right board position regarding calculated height of 3D.

In the control of the DIGIsetterNT any parameters can be deposited – regarding the requirements of various material and the customer.

*DIGIstrip-Software is exclusiv available together with a pin setting machine of BOXPLAN.

Quick Guide

  • Fully automatic pin setting
  • Digital stripping sytem
  • revolver magazine for 8 different types of pins
  • prepared for bee‘strip technology
  • pin setting unit inside of the cross bar
  • 3D-height
  • Stripping without lower pins
  • No costly manual labour
  • Much less laser need
  • Suitable for all kind of material
  • Shorter set-up times in die cutter
  • More sheet output in die cutters
  • less payback period

Technical data

  • Operating System: Windows CE
  • Network integration: FTP-Server
  • Direct Service link: VPN (if available by customer)
  • Sizes: 2390 mm x 1380 mm x  2160 mm [94,09″ x 54,33″ x 85,04″]
  • Weight:  850 kg
  • electrial Supply: 400 V, 16 A, 50 hz
  • Air pressure: 6 bar
  • Air volume: 250 nl/min
  • max. board size 1.340mm x 2.120mm [52,76″ x 83,46″]

Consumables and related Products

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CONSUMABLES: Stripping Pins, sheet’lift, Foam sheet pressers, register’blocks, tie’bolds, clamp’blocks