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for small even slim waste for dynamical stripping

  • the waste will be fixed in place and Balance by sharp Points of crown’claws
  • pat.pend. design and best stability for high Efficiency and durability
  • 3 different width for almost all waste sizes
  • each claw is directly pressed in the wooden board and immediately solid anchored due to pat. pend. foot design
  • the 3 different heights of crown’claws reduces force against female Stripping form
  • automatically calculated to get best Stripping results even with heavy corrugated board

crown’claw 3,8mm

Artikel Nr. | article no.CC380800
Breite | width3,8 mm | 0,15"
Einheit | unit1000 Stück | pieces

crown’claw 6,0mm

Artikel Nr. | article no.CC600800
Breite | width6,0 mm | 0,24"
Einheit | unit1000 Stück | pieces

crown’claw 8,5mm

Artikel Nr. | article no.CC850800
Breite | width8,5 mm | 0,35"
Einheit | unit1000 Stück | pieces

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