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separates lateral waste

  • lateral separating knife
  • solid for Long runs
  • non sharp-edged parts avoid risk of injury
  • just stick in the cut-out by hand
  • in case of need easy to replace
  • compatible to similar cut-outs of others
  • register cross mark on top of each sep’knife allows quick and exact check of position between sheet and female stripping board without special and expensive tools during set-up

sep’knife is available in 2 versions:

sep’knife 20mm

Artikel Nr. | article no.TM200700
Einheit | unit500 Stück | pieces
Länge | length20mm
Material | materialKunststoff | plastic

sep’knife 40mm

Artikel Nr. | article no.TM400700
Einheit | unit300 Stück | pieces
Länge | length40mm
Material | materialKunststoff | plastic

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