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sheet'lift yellow and red

The favourable and effective solution for a safe sheet transport – double usable!

sheet’lift is a top quality plastic component that sinks into the stripping board under pressure – double usable, depending on material thickness. Simply inserted into the appropriate laser cutouts in the stripping board and a sheet holddown is positioned exactly about it – the optimized stripping form is ready now.

During stripping, the foam presses the sheet onto the stripping board and against the sheet‘lift. After stripping the sheet is raised slightly by the spring force of sheet‘lift and floats above the tripping board without touching it.
This instantly permits higher production capacity for practically all machines and with all materials.

sheet’lift is available in 2 versions:

sheet’lift 3D

Artikel Nr. | article no.SL330700
Einheit |unit1.000 Stück | pieces
Farbe | colourrot* |red*
Material | materialKunststoff | plastic


Artikel Nr. | article no.SL300700
Einheit | unit1.000 Stück | pieces
Farbe | colourgelb* | yellow*
Material | materialKunststoff | plastic

*other colours on request

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