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GAME CHANGER! automatic setting of pins & claws with the all new HYBRIDsetter

Evolution meets Revolution! With the HYBRIDsetter it is now possible to prepare fully automatic, fast and easy complex stripping forms for all demands with free combination of pins and claws.

setting of pins and claws with the all new HYBRIDsetter

HYBRIDsetter automatic setting of pins & claws

The pins and claws are selected fully automatically from a magazine, moved to the right board position in a single operation and then pressed directly into the wood. No prior laser or pre-drilling work for setting the pins and claws is needed in future. With this optimized technology, the grain of the wood can firmly and permanently grip the foot of pins and claws and anchor it. The result is enormous strength of the pins and claws in the wood. Automatic setting of pins and claws puts an end to tiring manual work. The day-to-day work of making the stripping forms becomes much more flexible.

All parameters are filed in the control system, to match the differing needs of customers and materials. The total of 8 magazines for pins and 3 magazines for claws can be freely assigned to suit the customer´s specific requirements. Switching over between various wood thickness and processes (for example different 3D) is possible without costly resetting times.

The compact design means only a small setup area is needed.
The HYBRIDsetter does not cause any noise or dirt.

Quick Guide

  • Fully automatic setting of pins & claws in one  pass
  • 8 magazines for pins and 3 magazines for claws
  • free assignment of magazines for pins & claws to suit the customer´s specific requirements
  • setting unit for pins and claws inside of the cross bar
  • Digital stripping system
  • prepared for bee‘strip technology
  • 3D-height
  • Stripping without lower pins
  • No costly manual labour
  • Much less laser need
  • Suitable for all kind of material
  • Shorter set-up times in die cutter
  • More sheet output in die cutters
  • less payback period

Technical data

  • Operating System: Windows 7 embedded
  • Network connection
  • Direct Service link: VPN (if available by customer)
  • sizes: 2.300 mm x 1.454 mm x  2.187 mm [90.5″ x 57.2″ x 86.0″]
  • weight:  approx. 1.050 kg
  • electrial supply: 230-240 V, 16 A,: 50-60 Hz
  • air pressure: 6 bar (<100 Nl/min)
  • magazines: 8 x pins and 3 x claws
  • max. board size 1.340mm x 2.120mm [52,76″ x 83,46″]

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