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snap’presser & snap’rail

SNAPER, SNAPrail, Sparepart

Blanking pressers for dual use -simple handling, no screwing!

Favourable blanking pressers for holding the lateral waste and double cut waste during blanking – fast and simple using. It enables low and narrow design. Suitable for all sheet layouts. Just 3 steps for locking without tools:

1) Cutting, lasering or drilling  a hole with 15 mm [0,59″] diemeter
2) Stick the snap’presser from below through the hole
3) Locking of snap’presser by locking rings. No additional drilling, screwing and no sticking.

Available in 2 different types:

snap’presser- stand alone

Artikel Nr. | article no.SP151000
Bild | picture
Einheit | unit50 Stück | pieces
inkl. Ersatzteilpaket Ringe |
incl. spare part set of rings

snap’presser for snap’rail / T-Rail

Artikel Nr. | article no.SP152000
Bild | picture
Einheit | unit50 Stück | pieces
inkl. STOPPER + Ersatzteilpaket Ringe |
incl. STOPPER + spare part set of rings

snap’rail – T-Rail for blanking pressers

Artikel Nr. | article no.SP151300
Bild | picture
Einheit | unit30 Stück | pieces
Länge | lengh1500 mm | 59.06"

Spare Part set for snap’presser SP151000 and SP152000

Artikel Nr. | article no.ETSP151000
Bild | picture
Einheit | unit15 Stück | pieces

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