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Univeral, upper blanking form – usable as flexible sheet stacking as well!

By using blank’fix+ system  every operater can make a suitable blanking form by himselve in a short period of time. Already marked tape measures help to find the right postion for strong, magnetic blanking blocks without problems and without any tools.

blank’fix+ is made for univeral use in die cutters with integrated blanking unit. Now a standardisation of the blanking process is possible. Faster set-up times in the pre-makeready an die cutter, optimum in production speed and repeatable use of magnetic blanking blocks making blank’fix+ profitable.

blank’fix+ system consists

  • of a wooden plate in max. sheet size with hole plate on top, T-nut and centring device, (thickness is 18mm)
  • and a basic equipment of 3 different sizes of blank’fix blocks and a set of multi’presser

blank’fix+ system is available for board sizes up to 162.

Quick Guide

  • Universal, upper blanking form or for flexible sheet stacking
  • Reduced set-up time
  • Suitable for many sheet layouts
  • Simply handling – no screwing
  • Reasonable costs
  • Flexible use
  • high stability
  • Long life span
  • Suitable for all die cutters
  • Available for board sizes up to 162

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