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Ansicht BLS blank'lock Rahmen | view blank'lock frame

Fast locking for upper blanking forms

Quicklocking system for upper blanking forms with variable board sizes and use of snap’presser (blanking pressers). The modification of the cutting machine is mostly possible without mounting, only by simple chase changing.

Equipped with fine adjustment of upper blanking tool. No more time consuming aligning and screwing of the male/upper blanking form. With blank’lock system, equipped with fine adjustment, accurate positioning and squaring is possible with easy modification of positioning. Extra space for commercially available pressers.

Compatible use to latest die cutters

Quick Guide

  • Fast locking for upper blanking forms
  • optionally equipped with fine adjustment
  • no more time consuming aligning and screwing
  • optimum  alignment of tools
  • standardized method in all die cutters
  • reduced set-up time
  • easy handling (1 man operation)
  • compatible to existing Quicklocking-Standard
  • System is available for most types of die cutters
  • suitable for all board sizes

Consumables and related products

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CONSUMABLES: snap’presser & snap’rail, blank’fix-equipment