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Schnelles Rüster der Non-Stop-Rechen / fast set-up of non-stop-bars

Fast set-up of non-stop bars – no more manual locking, positioning and moving of many single bars!

With flex’rack, the set-up time is less than 2 minutes. The existing inconvenient situation with loose bars can be replaced by a complete new flex’rack system within one working day.

flex’rack can be installed in almost all die cutters with blanking units. The appropriate number of flex’rack bars cover the maximum sheet width of die cutter. The operator pushes the front bracket with all non-stop bars against  the lower (female) blanking tool. Any obstacle will block individual bars, which cannot go any further forward and are fixed in the rear bracket.

When the order is ready, the operator releases the bars not in use from the rear bracket, and a new order can be set-up in the same way as before.


  • Fast set-up of non-stop bars
  • No more manual locking, positioning and moving of many single bars
  • Reduced set-up time
  • easy handling
  • System available for most Bobst die cutters with blanking units

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