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The convenient and effective ramp for a trouble-free punching production

sheet’ramp is a high quality plastic part with high resilient springy foam for arch boost when punching.

The operator places the self adhesive sheet’ramp fast and easy on the counter plate before creasing or reverse-cut. The sheet is raised at the points over the hurdle. Production can run smoothly and without unnecessary stops.

Suitable for cardboard and corrugated cardboard.

sheet’ramp is available in 2 verison:

sheet’ramp 21mm

Artikel Nr. | article no.SR210700
Breite| width 21 mm | 0,83"
Einheit | unit200 Stück | pieces

sheet’ramp 11mm

Artikel Nr. | article no.SR110700
Breite| width 11 mm | 0,43"
Einheit | unit200 Stück | pieces

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AusbrechstifteSchaumstoff, register’blocks, tie’bolds, clamp’blocks